5 things you didn’t know about marquees

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You probably think you know the type of party a marquee will work for – the size, shape and location that works, what a marquee can and can’t do. Well, marquees and their shapes and uses have evolved greatly and there is more to the “tent” structure than meets the eye.  Here are five things about marquees that might be news to you.

A marquee for all seasons

The summer season is the time of year that most people think marquees are confined to. Not so. Modern marquees are designed to withstand the rain, snow and wind comfortably and effectively – no, it won’t blow away if erected properly and you won’t be cold! Any time of year is suitable for marquee parties.

With the innovations in space heating, a marquee can be heated thoroughly during the winter season, so forget about cramming guests into your house or booking a venue, there are plenty of options for a marquee party or event.

A marquee on any surface

You don’t need elaborate rope structures or a perfect lawn to erect, and keep upright, a marquee these days. The marquees we use are specially designed to be erected on almost any surface, such as tarmac and concrete. We use footplates and pin system anchors to secure and stabilise the marquees, making sure they can withstand even the most adverse weather conditions. So, is your event on a grassless surface? Good news, there’s a marquee for you – no problem.


Marquees on uneven ground

What to do when the perfect place for your party is on an uneven site? For starters, don’t worry. There are various marquee solutions, including scaffolding, that can be adapted to almost any terrain matched with special flooring that can be used over uneven surfacing to create a level foundation inside the marquee. We will adapt the marquee solution to fit your grounds, not the other way around.

A marquee to complement a stationary venue

Consider one of our marquee solutions if you have a primary venue that is short of space in one respect or the other. Whether it be a lack of a dance floor, a need for space for staff, an entrance extender to keep guests dry on a rainy evening or a full dining area, marquees come in all shapes and sizes and they can be a genius way to make the mediocre venue completely perfect.

Whatever you need a partial marquee solution for, they can easily and seamlessly be connected to any venue beautifully.

Indoor marquees

Yes, it sounds odd but it is true. As stated earlier, marquees can be erected on any surface using footplates and custom design flooring, this includes indoor flooring. Now, why would you want to have a marquee inside, you probably wonder? For a temporary storage area, to hide miscellaneous event supplies in a single space or for large barns where the inside of the marquee is far prettier than the ceiling and walls.

Marquees are truly an all-round solution, now used for any occasion, in any size, on any surface, and holding up against all weathers too.



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