“Chilling” Marquee Ideas

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Sometimes even the biggest party animal needs a space to relax and take a break.  Check out these four tips for making your marquee chill-out space the best spot at the party!

  1. Picking a space

Choose a location away from the hustle and bustle areas like the bar or dance floor.  If there is ample room in the marquee, creating a small, well laid-out and clearly marked space for relaxing, prevents the main party crowd from expanding and taking over the chill-out zone. If space is limited, use a curtain or a few folding screens to separate off a free corner in the main marquee, and ensure there is signage to inform guests that it is a space to relax in.

  1. Seating

All that dancing can lead to sore feet and a much needed break, so your guests will enjoy and appreciate a comfortable space to relax and rest for a while.  Kit out the chill-out space with low sofas and armchairs rather than hard dining chairs, and add a few small tables to put refreshments on.  Want to increase the relaxed vibe? Lace the floor in rugs, cushions and beanbags in patterns and colours to fit your event’s theme.

  1. Lighting

Avoid bright lights, keep the lighting unobtrusive and soft.  Test out many different light sources rather than just one large beam of light to make the marquee feel cozy and warm, such as choosing lamps at a variety of heights. Now, they don’t all need to match, but try to keep the lamps within one colour palette to prevent the space looking too chaotic.  Strings of lights always add a soft, magical glow to any space.

  1. Hospitality

If your guests need a break, try to equip the chill-out space with a few coolers or ice buckets with drinks so there is no need to stand in line at the bar.  If your event is in the cooler months or at night, stage the space with patio heaters and warm blankets to keep everyone toasty.