Customise your marquee event

Every marquee event is unique, but the one element that unite them all, is that you, the host, will want to ensure every single guests’ enjoyment.

One of the greatest things about a marquee event is that this type of venue allows you to customise the setting and place your own unique stamp on the details, think wall colours, carpet options, roof linings, lighting, bar units, clear roof panels, welcome canopies, dance floor options…the list goes on and on and every choice you make, is a piece of the puzzle, the finished look and feel of your marquee party.

Every single puzzle piece should be carefully thought through, as each one is a huge contributing factor towards the final look and feel of the party.

So, what about the budget? If your budget doesn’t allow for everything you had hoped for, the best advise we can give you is to choose to focus on one or two key elements and do them really well. Select them wisely and blow them out of the park! This technique will be more successful than cutting back costs and compromising on quality across the board.

Keep in mind, the most important thing at the event is you and your guests, the extras are just that…extra.