Marquee or Hotel?

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Marquee or Hotel? Why a marquee for your wedding is a great choice.

Congratulations! You are about to start the next chapter in your life’s story: marriage. Everything is ready, the ring, the date, and the dress.  Now, it is time to make your special day extraordinary.

One of the biggest challenges every engaged couple face, is where to hold the wedding reception. It must be just right, so what to choose? A marquee wedding or a hotel wedding? The choice of venue is often the first and the biggest decision to make in the planning of the wedding. It is the backdrop for your big day so there is a certain pressure to getting it right.  It must be perfect, in size and appearance, but is there really ever the perfect venue?

Budget, location and size

You must think of budget, location and, of course, of having enough space for your invited guests. There’s an endless amount of choices that can put anyone’s head in a head spin. But read on as we share with you some of the upsides to choosing the marquee over a hotel or country house wedding venue.

Firstly, you can’t move a hotel space, change the interior or adapt the surrounding area, and you definitely can’t expand or decrease in size.

By choosing a marquee for your wedding day, you are guaranteed to have creative flexibility in terms of size, lighting, design, number of guests and, the most important factor, LOCATION! From an intimate backyard wedding to a marquee against a stunning backdrop of open fields, the choices are endless.

At Be Upstanding Marquees, we have over 7 years of experience making your special day come to life. We offer a variety of wedding marquee sizes for hire, heating and ventilation kits, lighting, and other equipment to keep you and your guests comfortable.  All equipment is on hand so building your dream venue is an easy process as well as an everlasting experience for our clients.