Not just the marquee

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When you think of marquee hire, THINK BIG. Marquee hire is not just the marquee.


Size and Design

The most notable benefit of hiring a wedding marquee is the flexibility in size. Large marquees are effective on their own or can maneuver alongside smaller pagoda type marquees to add room for a dance floor, a bar, or to separate event staff. Wedding marquees also act as a “blank canvas” in terms of interior design and Be Upstanding Marquees has worked with several design concepts and themes over our years in business. We can creatively and readily add style and flare to any marquee and work with your own themes or ideas.  We carry a range of flooring, carpets and chic furniture that will assist in the overall design of the wedding marquee as well as bring seamless functionality to the space, like a dance floor.


Heating and ventilation

Yes, most weddings are held in the summer season, but winter weddings are gaining popularity too.  From keeping the cool of winter away or to take the crisp air out from a summer evening, being prepared for the chillier weather is important and that means heating. Wedding marquees are built to handle different weather conditions.  Heavy duty marquees are solidly durable and suited for winter events, facing wind and heavy rain with ease.


Lighting and electricity

Lighting can make or break any marquee design. We offer a wide range of lighting including spot lighting and remarkable chandeliers that will put the finishing touch on a perfect wedding atmosphere. We provide all the power, discretely and professionally, to ensure no one is left in the dark or tripping over wires.


Where are the loos?

Don’t worry, we have luxury loos to complement any stylish event. In fact, when it comes to wedding marquees for hire, we strive to have thought of every detail…and if we haven’t, we will strive to provide whatever you want as part of our dedication to customer service.

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