Your marquee in bloom

Marquees epitomise everything an English summer wedding stands for. They are timeless, elegant and can offer complete flexibility when creating a bespoke space for your wedding day.

Marquees are a blank canvas and you need to be bold in your decisions when designing their internal decor. What most people forget is the power of flowers and how they literally can turn a simple marquee into something magical and completely unique to you and your wedding.

There are a few key factors when creating floral designs for a marquee, these are 3 to consider:

1) High and low
One way to create interest and intrigue is to mix up the height of focal points. To achieve this you need to vary the heights of your table centres throughout in order to create a range of heights and therefore focal points which will force your guests eyes to travel around the room.

2) Swing from the ceiling
Combining the height of your marquee and beautiful floral design can create spectacular focal points. Don’t forget you can decorate the tops of traditional marquee poles, create floral chandeliers and set up hanging flower beams perfect for decorations over the top table.

‚Äč3) Bring in the garden
One easy and immediate way to link the inside of the marquee to its outdoor location is to install potted living trees, shrubs and plants. Placing these planted pots around entrances, the bar or even the dance floor will add a level of interest and help distinguish different areas within the marquee.

Flowers turn a marquee into something truly magical if used properly. It is important to coordinate your entire look with lighting, linen, chairs, carpet and draping.